MIT Median Lab

Tip institucije

Način interakcije
skrajšan/ cel delovni čas, projektno, mobilnost

Namen sodelovanja
raziskava, inovacija

Področje/a aktivnosti
znanost, umetnost

Tipična/zanimiva uporabljena/razvita praksa/metotodlogija
#biomechatronics #civicmedia #syntheticneurobiology

Opis in pomembnejši kontakti ter alumni
"True to Jerry’s vision, for over 30 years Media Lab researchers have anticipated and created technologies to make our lives safer, cleaner, healthier, fairer, and more productive. But along with benefits, technology’s everyday efficiencies have also brought their share of issues: obesity, poverty, ethical implications, bullying, divergent politics. The Media Lab’s antidisciplinary research community is uniquely equipped to address these concerns, leveraging the best that technology has to offer, and connecting technology back to the social and the human. Current Lab research examines the deeper implications of where technology creation and adoption has led us—and where we want to go next." (