Vasyl Dmytryk

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Dukley Residence

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Vasyl Dmytryk is a Ukrainian sculptor and artist. He was born in 1991 in the Frankivsk region and graduated from the Grekova Art School in Odessa, Ukraine. He works in the fields of public art, conceptual sculpture and installations. In his artistic practice, he uses recycled and discarded materials in an attempt to search for boundaries between internal conflicts and outer perceptions as well as real and the imaginary worlds. He creates these sculptures primarily out of wood, metal and composites. He has been Member of the Dukley Residence, Montenegro (2019, 2018); decorator of the musical performance "Bestiary" (Teo Theater, Odessa, 2019); he has participated in group exhibitions and festivals: "(SELF) IDENTIFICATION" (Invogue Gallery, Odessa, 2019), "Festival of Ideas" (HUB, Odessa, 2019), "Informat" (Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art, 2019), " Night of Museums ”(Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art, 2016),“ Sculpture on the open air ”(Odessa Art Museum, 2014). He currently lives and works in Odessa.